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After reading [ profile] syndedochic's post on the recent unpleasantness, I decided to dump what I wrote and just link to her entry instead. Because she said it way, way better than I could.

In the end, walking away from LJ over this only makes it easier for the anal-retentive asshats who are trying to cause trouble. It makes less work for the LJ staff you're so pissed off at. And let me tell you, no one from Sixapart is going to be sitting home sobbing disconsolately because a bunch of potentially problematic users are leaving. By abandoning ship, you're essentially doing a favor for everyone except the fandom.

If you have reason to be concerned that LJ may suspend your journal over content someone deems questionable, the simplest and most obvious solution -- and one that doesn't leave friendslist in the lurch -- is to post the content elsewhere and link to it from your LJ. That at least protects LJ from liability.

Protecting yourself from liability is another matter; keep in mind that the people who are putting pressure on LJ now may come after you next, and don't think for a second they can't find you. Be careful. How important is this to you, really? If it's worth the risk of being charged with a federal crime, surely it's worth giving your time or money to organizations like the EFF and the ACLU, ne?

Comments disabled because I so don't feel like debating this subject.


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