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OK, I did a little more writing just now. Untitled, unbetaed, unproofed.

Pre-Havoc/Russell behind the cut... )

I could really use a beta/sounding board, y'all.
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Apparently I started a Havoc/Russell fic at some point. And then I stopped.

I kinda wish I hadn't.
When Russell got on the train to Central, he knew exactly where he was going: to ask Colonel Roy Mustang what he knew about the whereabouts of Edward Elric. That thought had sustained him throughout the tedious journey. He was going to walk right into that bastard's office (he didn't actually know if the Colonel was a bastard, but it was how Edward had always described him and Russell had got into the habit of thinking of him that way) and demand to know if the rumors were true, if Edward was really back, and if so, where Edward was. It was a good plan: simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated.

When he got off the train, he realized he had no idea where he was going.

And that's all she wrote. Literally. I didn't even recognize it -- the only reason I know it's mine is that it was in Word format on my hard drive.

Can anyone remember whether Russell actually meets Havoc or Mustang in the animeverse? I know he and Fletcher met Maria and Danny, but as of the series end (we're ignoring that horrific movie) have they met any of the other major characters?

I need to hash this story idea out with someone, dammit.
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[ profile] wo_xi_huan inspired me to post this drabble. I originally posted it to talk.bizarre in 1999, but I've always been rather fond of it, and reading a similarily peculiar character name made me think of it again.

The Unauthorized Biography of Avogadro Remoulade
or Where I Got My Username

Jim's been a real pain in the ass ever since he changed his name. I don't know what gave him the idea, but he's started calling himself 'Avogadro Remoulade'. Can you fucking believe it? Anyway, no one who actually knows him bothers to call him that, which really pisses him off, but it works out pretty well for us -- makes it that much easier to spot the lame-ass hangers-on.

There's this chick, can't be more than 17, who's always with him these days. She goes by 'Maudite', which I guess she decided would go well with 'Remoulade' while she was writing their names together over and over in her notebook instead of paying attention in class.

Naturally, she calls him Avogadro. She also calls herself his girlfriend, but he says he just sleeps with her because it's easier than getting rid of her, and that he only really loves me. Uh-huh, sure. I told him to get over it, but he says he's patient. And hey, I guess it's probably a lot easier to hold out if you have a skanky 17-year-old to fuck while you wait.

He's got a day job now, driving a casket delivery truck. If anyone ever had the right look for that job, it's Jim. Maudite rides along with him a lot. One of these days, they're going to get caught doing something unbecoming an officer and a gentleman (or even a casket deliveryman) in the back of that truck.

I have to admit, though, you can't get a whole lot closer to that classic rock 'n roll lifestyle than fucking an underage groupie in the back of a truck full of caskets. At least not without actually being Keith Richards. It's going to look great in his unauthorized biography. And I guarantee you, if he ever actually does get famous, I'll sell out in a heartbeat. I figure I deserve to get some benefit out of all the bullshit I've taken from him.

And don't start in again with that shit about how if I really didn't like him, I wouldn't talk about him so much. He's just, I don't know, colorful. It's not like I have anything more interesting to gossip about, unless you want to hear all about the new admin's skin condition. (Lord knows I have.)

Before you ask, Maudite isn't based on me at all. (Far from it -- when I was 17, I had my own groupies, ta very much. They weren't good groupies, but dammit, they were mine!) I took my username from the character when I was looking for a suitably peculiar username for my writing LJ. It's also, not so coincidentally, the name of a very fine beer from Quebec, and means something like 'damned' in French. It seemed appropriate somehow.
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So. Being once again among the ranks of the unemployed (and heinously depressed about it, as usual), I've been watching way too much Taiwanese and Japanese TV. And a storyline I'd been bouncing around for a while started to take shape a bit differently than I'd intended.

I blame the following excerpt on the sedatives. Context: CIA agent (yes, yes, I have a spy fetish, what else is new?) surveils notorious Taiwanese hacker.

You have only yourself to blame: )
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Just a little something that came to me this afternoon. I've been reading a fair bit of YnM fanfic lately, and thinking that Tsuzuki doesn't always get a fair shake -- he ends up playing buffoon to Hisoka's straight man, and isn't often credited with the depth you'd expect of a man who is, after all, nearly 100 years old and able to summon twelve shikigami. So this is my take on why it is that Tsuzuki comes off like such a flake.

Unbetaed. Comments/criticism welcomed.

Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Genre: Angst, angst, and more angst
Pairing: None.
Rating: G
Warnings: Angst?
Summary: Tsuzuki doesn't think. Hisoka doesn't get it.

Thoughtless )
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I rarely share my original fiction with others. I'm not really much of a fiction writer, and most of what I write is purely for my own enjoyment. Every once in a while, though, I work up the nerve to share a bit. I really like this particular scene for some reason, so I thought I'd throw it out there. Concrit greatly appreciated; I know what a lot of my bad habits are, but an outside opinion is always helpful.

Classic hurt/comfort scenario. Warnings for buckets of angst and poorly-written hetsex. Read at your own risk: )
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This idea came to me yesterday around dinnertime, and grabbed me so hard I didn't stop writing until five this morning. It's only about halfway done, and fairly rough yet, but I'd appreciate whatever feedback anyone cares to give me. I warn you that sentences run not merely on, but actually rampant, liberties are recklessly taken, and you all know how much I love a good split infinitive. (I'm afraid I may have gone bit too far in places; feel free to whack me with a ruler if it's warranted.)

This is, god help me, Harry/Draco slash, and a bit dark in places at that. I'll give it an R rating for language, violent themes, and repeated references to buggery, but any explicit acts of sodomy take place discreetly offstage.

In which Draco explains to Blaise why he's going to kill him, in the form of a very long letter. )
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The challenge was to select one word from a provided list and write a fic centered around that word, and also beginning and ending with it. The word i chose was alone. )
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For a while now I've been contemplating the idea of one of the Weasley twins 'accidentally' stealing the other's girlfriend. I came up with two ways it might happen; here's the first, in vignette form.

No twincest, honest.

Mistaken Identity, version 1 )

I live!

Aug. 20th, 2004 05:51 pm
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Not that anyone's still reading this lj anyway, but I'm working on Strange Attractors again and there will be some significant changes to both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Watch out for updates! I am hoping to finish revising both chapters this weekend, and then start writing new material.

Thanks again to [ profile] isiscolo, who is a most excellent sounding-board and helped me build a plausible backstory for Draco from paperclips, string, and a stick of gum.
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here's the next bit. a bit shorter than the first part, but the next scene i had in mind just doesn't seem to fit logically in this chunk. let me know if it seems *too* short or you feel it's missing something.

Strange Attractors, Chapter 2 )
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OK, here goes:

Strange Attractors, Chapter 1 )

comments welcome, either here or emailed to
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while i'm working on Draco/Hermione, here's a bit of McGonagall/Hooch i wrote. i might expand it later, but i think it stands alone as a tasty little cookie...

comments are welcome, of course.

Who's That Girl? )


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