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104. 10-4. Doumeki/Watanuki trucker AU.

Some days, I really hate my brain.
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I've been watching xxxholic, so I went looking, of course, for Doumeki/Watanuki. Found [ profile] doumekiwatanuki. And have been reading the archives for the past WEEK. I'm only up to June of last year. It's the busiest fic community I've ever seen.

And yet... and yet... while there's lots of great fic there (I just found one of yours, [ profile] lazulisong, but haven't read it because I'm writing this first), what I'm not finding much of is really satisfying fic. I want to see more of these two as adults, and maybe still in denial. I want to know what happened to Watanuki's wish when he turns up as Yuuko's successor. And I'm annoyed by all these high-school fics where they get together and hold hands on the street and kiss at lunch and nobody cares (except the squeeing yaoi fangirls, and ALL the female characters are squeeing yaoi fangirls) and Doumeki's parents are all "tee hee, we love our dead gay son!" (And they never notice that said gay son is coming home with serious injuries, because half the time their entire existence is conveniently ignored.)

Admittedly, part of it is that I just plain can't easily get into fic where the main characters are all underage. (With the exception of HnG, which is due entirely to its amazing fandom and the fact that nobody ever, ever writes Hikaru/Akira shallow and simplistic.) But there's so much interesting future ahead of Watanuki and Doumeki, and I want to see that! I want to see Watanuki become Yuuko's successor in some way other than her announcing one day that she's going on vacation.

(If I were writing it, I'd have Watanuki realize at some point that he doesn't actually want to lose his connection to the spirit world, just the constantly-being-chased-by-it. So he'd go to Yuuko and ask to alter/retract his wish, and she'd tell him she can't do that, and he'd ask if he can make a new wish, and in exchange for his getting to stay tuned into SpiritVision(tm), he pays the price of becoming her successor. Which is probably not the best way of doing it, but it's what occurs to me, anyway.)

I want to see Watanuki grow up and become more temperamental than spastic (I see him becoming the slow-burn type -- he learns to control it, but only for so long before he explodes). I want to see his relationship with Doumeki deepen and mature before they hop into bed together. I want to see how Watanuki becoming Yuuko's successor changes his relationship with Doumeki and how it doesn't. (I want to never see another fic involving the two of them and whipped cream.)

In short, I want more.

So. Any recs? Commiseration? Thoughts?


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