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A Harry Potter/Stargate SG-1 crossover. And it actually works. In fact, it works really well. Despite the spelling errors.

Go read it if you don't believe me.
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This idea came to me yesterday around dinnertime, and grabbed me so hard I didn't stop writing until five this morning. It's only about halfway done, and fairly rough yet, but I'd appreciate whatever feedback anyone cares to give me. I warn you that sentences run not merely on, but actually rampant, liberties are recklessly taken, and you all know how much I love a good split infinitive. (I'm afraid I may have gone bit too far in places; feel free to whack me with a ruler if it's warranted.)

This is, god help me, Harry/Draco slash, and a bit dark in places at that. I'll give it an R rating for language, violent themes, and repeated references to buggery, but any explicit acts of sodomy take place discreetly offstage.

In which Draco explains to Blaise why he's going to kill him, in the form of a very long letter. )
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Why isn't there more Bill/Hermione fic out there? It makes all sorts of sense -- Bill being a cursebreaker and all, and Hermione being so very fond of research. It's easy to imagine her going to Egypt post-Hogwarts to investigate the roots of modern magic, and surely if she were there anyway, Bill would find her knowledge a useful resource on occasion. And what's more tempting, honestly, than the handsome, intrepid older brother of your best friend?

I mean, other than hot, sweaty Quidditch players.
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Hermione/Bill Weasley/Rolodex porn.

we are not making this up.
[...]I need someone experienced in the Muggle world. Specifically someone used to dealing in office supplies."

Hermione had no idea how she managed to suppress the shiver threatening to wrack her body at that statement. Instead, she looked up coolly, raising one eyebrow to Bill.

"What kind of office supplies?" she asked, hoping that her voice didn't tremble. There were few things in this world that beat such a thundering path to her heart, and... other places.

"Paper clips," he said, stepping forward, his eyes narrowing just slightly, "envelopes, manila folders," he was standing directly over her desk now and his tongue darted out to trace a wet, slick trail around his lips, "color coded binders."

you need to register with a legit email address in order to read the story, which is decidedly NC-17, but so far this site has never spammed me.

also, i never said it was good porn.
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The challenge was to select one word from a provided list and write a fic centered around that word, and also beginning and ending with it. The word i chose was alone. )
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Assuming anyone's still reading this lj, do any of you know of any Potterfics involving Spanish wizarding society or a Spanish wizarding school? For some reason, the idea suddenly seems fascinating to me.

Sadly, my lack of knowledge of Spanish is second only to my lack of knowledge of Spain, so I won't be using the idea myself...
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For a while now I've been contemplating the idea of one of the Weasley twins 'accidentally' stealing the other's girlfriend. I came up with two ways it might happen; here's the first, in vignette form.

No twincest, honest.

Mistaken Identity, version 1 )

I live!

Aug. 20th, 2004 05:51 pm
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Not that anyone's still reading this lj anyway, but I'm working on Strange Attractors again and there will be some significant changes to both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Watch out for updates! I am hoping to finish revising both chapters this weekend, and then start writing new material.

Thanks again to [ profile] isiscolo, who is a most excellent sounding-board and helped me build a plausible backstory for Draco from paperclips, string, and a stick of gum.
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here's the next bit. a bit shorter than the first part, but the next scene i had in mind just doesn't seem to fit logically in this chunk. let me know if it seems *too* short or you feel it's missing something.

Strange Attractors, Chapter 2 )
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OK, here goes:

Strange Attractors, Chapter 1 )

comments welcome, either here or emailed to
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while i'm working on Draco/Hermione, here's a bit of McGonagall/Hooch i wrote. i might expand it later, but i think it stands alone as a tasty little cookie...

comments are welcome, of course.

Who's That Girl? )


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