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So recently the Sci-Fi channel has been rerunning Jake 2.0. I'm finally getting to see some episodes I missed before. And I'm thinking, there must be Jake 2.0 fanfic. and indeed, there is. So I thought, hmmm, there must be Jake 2.0 slash!

I'm sure it's out there, but a quick google search doesn't find me anything. Still, I'm thinking about it, because I'm a big ol' pervert.

As I'm thinking about it, I'm watching. And after a fight in which a Japanese assassin tries to get Jake to kill him because he can't bring himself to kill, they're sitting on the floor having beers together. And Shinji, the assassin, is really, really cute. And Jake, of course, is really, really cute. So I'm thinking, "This is a perfect slash setup."

As I'm thinking this, Shinji is working on his third beer, and he's very drunk, and explaining how he was never allowed to drink or use drugs or have sex, and now he just wants to experience the freedom of drunkenness. He confides to Jake that when he was growing up, there was a sushi chef in his village that he loved to watch. He loved to see the man's grace as he sliced into the fish, he says. And I'm thinking, "Oh, this is good."

And Shinji says, "Does that sound totally gay?"

And leaping from my seat on the couch, I screamed, "YES! YES, IT DOES!"

I'm so happy.


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