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Jan. 23rd, 2007 03:17 pm
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I saw the first ten episodes of the Hikaru no Go anime. I was immediately hooked. So I went looking for more. Over the last two days I've read the entire run of the manga.

Oh, holy fuck, it's so good. SO GOOD. I read the last 20 chapters or so sitting in a Starbucks, squealing like a little girl and pumping my fist in the air at the good parts. And talking to the characters, talking to them out loud, because I love them so fucking much. I love them all -- Hikaru, Akira, Sai, Kouyo, Ogata, Waya, Isumi, Kaga, Kawai (such a beatnik!) Yan Hai, Suyon, even Yongha -- even though he's a complete and utter dick. Hikaru needs to smack that bitch like a red-headed stepchild, I'm telling you.

I read a lot of fanfic before I got my hands on the manga; now that I know canon, though, I've got some thoughts on the way people are writing the characters. spoilers ahoy... )
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I'm still working out that Ed/Roy 'blanket fic' idea I had, but in the meantime, I've been reading a lot of other people's fic, and suddenly found myself considering the possibility of Havoc/Russell, post-movie. I think I know exactly how to write it, and I'm seriously thinking of bagging the errands I need to run this evening in favor of writing, because it's Just. That. Tempting.

But it's a pretty obscure pairing, and I'm interested to know what other people think of it. Can you see it? Under what circumstances? (I'm not looking for ideas to steal, I'm just plain curious.)

Oh, god. Beautiful blond boys will be the death of me. Certainly my ex-husband was. (And for god's sake, blonds aren't even my type!)
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I usually find fanon assumptions irritating, but every once in a while the universal consciousness spits out an especially charming bit of fanon. Right now my favorite is the idea that the young Dumbledore was in the habit of leaving his initials and a date carved into park benches, trees, buildings, etc., often in combination with those of a young lady. Which leads us to the idea that Dumbledore was a real ladies' man in his youth -- something I find easy to believe and fun to imagine.

On the other hand, I think I'll go on a tri-state Cruciatus spree if I read one more raging-coffee-fiend!Blaise story, especially one in which he spouts romantic poetry in an Italian accent and is set to inherit the family vineyards.

What are your favorite bits of fanon? And, of course, your least favorite.
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Why isn't there more Bill/Hermione fic out there? It makes all sorts of sense -- Bill being a cursebreaker and all, and Hermione being so very fond of research. It's easy to imagine her going to Egypt post-Hogwarts to investigate the roots of modern magic, and surely if she were there anyway, Bill would find her knowledge a useful resource on occasion. And what's more tempting, honestly, than the handsome, intrepid older brother of your best friend?

I mean, other than hot, sweaty Quidditch players.
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Assuming anyone's still reading this lj, do any of you know of any Potterfics involving Spanish wizarding society or a Spanish wizarding school? For some reason, the idea suddenly seems fascinating to me.

Sadly, my lack of knowledge of Spanish is second only to my lack of knowledge of Spain, so I won't be using the idea myself...


Jan. 30th, 2003 04:48 pm
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Astronomy Tower posted my McGonagall/Hooch story! i realize this isn't, you know, on par with winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, but i'm still pretty excited, since it's the first bit of fiction i've ever submitted anywhere for public viewing other than the drafts i've posted here...

in other news, i'm going to be doing some traveling this weekend (visiting friends in Michigan), and i'm hoping to get some writing done on the plane. i was just itching to work on "Strange Attractors" last night, but i was so brain-dead i couldn't write anything that didn't sound like absolute crap. i seem to need a good solid day or two to clear my head between bursts of writing, when i'm writing for public consumption. my original stuff tends to come much more quickly, but it's also a lot sloppier (as i'm sure [livejournal.com profile] isiscolo can attest, if she's even worked up the courage to read the thing i sent her, about which i am already feeling horribly ashamed).

so far, though, as a writing exercise, the fanfic thing has already helped me a lot in terms of how to approach a scene with an actual goal in mind. when i write for myself, i write to see what happens, but when i'm writing for other people, i seem to need a mental picture of what's going to happen already, or i just ramble off in random directions and lose track of characterization. (i guess that makes a certain amount of sense, though -- here, i have to actually think about keeping things in character, whereas in my personal writing i can let my characters write themselves because hey, i don't know them any better than anyone else.)

i'm still working out the mechanics of what makes a good story on a very basic level. for instance, i've established the two main characters and one side character and given them their first encounters in the story; i've established the general setting; i've implied there's a significant amount of history, some of which will have to be explained in the future -- but what next? i know i need to flesh out the setting and the characters and introduce Draco's friendship with Snape (and the character of the friendship itself), but i'm not sure what to do when.

i guess i should dig out those old books on writing and refresh my memory.


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