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So even though I haven't seen Weiss Kreuz, or even read more than a little of the manga, I started reading WK fics recently. Maybe I was just hard up for the boylove, I don't know, but then I stumbled across Lady Jaida. And all her fics are amazing, but if you're going to read the Weiss stories you should start at the bottom and read them in order. Because even though they don't always seem to fit together, they will when you come to that key piece, the one that shows you the pattern and lets you see the picture she's assembling. And wow, really, wow, that is some good shit. And heavy, and sometimes seriously perverse, but good.

Reading it makes me want a cigarette. And I don't even smoke, except that once or twice a year when the urge hits me, and I buy a pack and smoke one and remember how gross it is and wonder what the fuck I was thinking and throw the damn things out or shove them in a drawer somewhere and forget about them till they go stale.

Anyway, she's apparently [ profile] ladyjaida now, and has published a collection of poetry, which is no small feat.

I think I left a pack of kreteks in the glovebox.
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Truly brilliant Death Note crack!fic by [ profile] darkeyedwolf: Come To My Terminal.

Have your inhaler handy. It made me laugh until I choked.
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Why do you have to read this fic?

Because you know how sometimes you're invited to a wedding or a dinner party or something and you're expected to bring a date and you have no idea who to ask because no one good is available and everyone else you know would be a bad idea for one or another reason? Well, imagine that's you, and you're down to your absolute last resort, the last possible person you're certain you can trust absolutely to at least dress right and behave properly in civilized company, and that person is a psychopathic killer who can shoot scalpels out of his body.

Fandom: GetBackers
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing: Himiko/Akabane (sort of)
Rating: PG, maybe, since Akabane is not child-safe
Author: [ profile] white_aster
Link: Just Business

The writing is a little sketchy in places -- it could use a good editing pass -- but it's well worth reading. Trust me. (This one even almost works if you're not familiar with the fandom.)
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I don't know if anybody who actually reads this thing is a fan of Cowboy Bebop at all (and if not, why not?), but I've got three beautiful delicious fic recs for you today, all of them by the lovely, talented, and naturally blonde (or not) [ profile] disposable_hero.

I haven't got the juice to individually review them. I'll just say that the author does a wonderful job of capturing the look and feel of the anime. Her characterizations are spot on, insightful and empathetic and everything you could possibly ask. Her plots are, you know, real actual plots, not just a shaky framework upon which to hang sex scenes (like, say, mine, for instance). Her writing is wonderfully evocative. And the way she makes the chronicle of Spike and Faye unfold is paced just right, coming in fits and starts and little two-steps sideways and back, interspersed with smoke breaks and thoroughly soaked in cheap alcohol. And that's just the way it should be.

This is the kind of story that makes it worth the fifty pages of illiterate dreck you have to wade through to find it. And it is all one story, just in three pieces, one of which is a short, standalone flashback to a younger, rawer Spike that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Bebop that's always stood out most clearly in my mind: the way violence is rendered so lovingly, with such lingering, careful attention to detail. It's ugly and beautiful and perfect all at once, and if you're anything like me it will inspire a manic little grin and make you want a double shot of bourbon and a cigarette.

So, without further ado:

Hand Grenade
Clockwork Hearts (WIP)

Warnings for explicit language, sex, and violence. Romance. Action. Adventure. Death. Love. Diamonds. Lobsters.

Come on. You know you want to.
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Is it bad manners to rec really ancient fics? Like I care. I just ran across something really charming and felt the need to share. (And how often do I share a fic I liked instead of mocking one I didn't?)

What I love is that this is a romantic fic poking fun at the clichés of its own genre in the guise of Shuichi poking fun at Yuki about the clichés in his romance novels -- while indulging in the shameless cliché of a romantic walk in the rain.

Aja makes it look easy and fresh, fitting the meta-humor seamlessly into a completely believable, in-character interaction. Shuichi is his light and flaky self without being a complete airhead. (Because after all, would Yuki put up with someone incapable of at least the occasional intelligent conversation?) Yuki is cranky and defensive and hopelessly besotted underneath it all. And I am so very guilty of the same clichés. (mumble Yakuza blush)

Short, sweet, and funny. I give it two thumbs up the ass. (Hey, this is yaoi, after all!)

Title: No Tears In The Summer Rain
Author: Aja (I don't know if she has an lj)
Genre: Pure fluff
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yuki/Shuichi (Gravitation)

On to the fic...
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A Harry Potter/Stargate SG-1 crossover. And it actually works. In fact, it works really well. Despite the spelling errors.

Go read it if you don't believe me.

fic rec

Mar. 9th, 2006 03:38 am
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Rider of the Mark, by ZeeDrippyVessel

I'm not a reader of LOTR fanfic -- in fact, this is the only one I've ever read[1] -- but it's so good I had to share. It's a WIP (regularly updated), a light, semi-humorous romance between Gamling, one of the riders of the Rohirrim, and an original female character (yes, yes, I know, but she's emphatically not a Mary Sue). It's sufficiently well-written to stand up to much of the published fiction I've read. Characterization is excellent, plot is well-constructed and believable, and the pacing is bloody superb. (Oh yeah, and the sex scenes don't suck either.)

There are only two things I don't like about it. One is that the author hops back and forth between POVs within a scene, which is something that always bothers me. The other is that much of the humor is provided by what-he's-really-thinking type thought interjections, most of which are extremely silly -- they're too frequent, and I think they detract from the tone of the story. They do serve a purpose, however, and they are funny.

I stumbled on it this afternoon and read all 34 chapters in one sitting. I can't see it going more than another five, so I expect it will be completed fairly soon, since there seems to be a new chapter about once every ten days or so. Joe-Bob says check it out.

[1] Partly this is because I only got into fanfic because of Harry Potter; for the most part I've found fanfic from pretty much every other fandom both underwhelming and unappealing[2]. Partly it's because none of the main LOTR characters who aren't paired off by the end of the books hold any real interest for me. LOTR is just so grand and epic and serious; I can't imagine taking any of those characters and running with them. But here, a minor character who isn't fully fleshed out in the books is borrowed to good effect, and the major characters who make guest appearances are treated with sufficient respect to meet with my approval.

[2] Writing this made me wonder what the difference is, and I realized it's that the Harry Potter books are books written both for and about children. Potterfic dealing with adult characters, or older, more adult versions of characters, is exploring a different area than that covered by the original author, and isn't directly comparable to the existing works. There's a great deal we don't know about most of the HP characters, and who knows what the Hogwarts alumnae might get up to in the future? It's easier to construct a believable scenario and speculate convincingly on character development in those circumstances -- after all, we know we won't ever see what the Potter characters will be like after Year Seven -- than it is to write, say, an Aragorn/Eowyn romance that doesn't ring false -- because that's a flagrant departure from LOTR canon, as much as we might wish otherwise. Disbelief just can't be suspended from a thread that fine.


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