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...and I ran across this gem in the midst of the dross:

"Fucking hell, could this go any worse?” He sat back and shook his head at her in amazement. “We’ve been together less than 12 hours and you’ve already threatened to leave, you’ve watched me puke my guts out, I’ve tried to throw you out, my mother walked in on us, I conned my way into your apartment, you pointed a gun at me, and now you’re throwing my misspent youth in my face. It’s like some kind of nightmarish carnival ride.”

“Well, when you put it that way, it does sound pretty bad,” she conceded, reaching out and giving him a little shove with her foot. “On the other hand, the sex has been fantastic.”


Feb. 15th, 2008 05:55 pm
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So I'd kind of like to continue the Havoc/Russell story I started a while back, but I can't really get around writing the scene where Russell confronts Mustang, and I'm not sure I can write Mustang. I could really use someone to bounce this off of, but lacking that I'm trying to at least come up with a list of ten traits of Roy Mustang that I can use as a reference when I get stuck.

So far, I've got:

  1. Arrogant
  2. Womanizing
  3. Steals Havoc's girlfriends
  4. Secretly cares about Ed and Al
  5. Ambitious


Or maybe I *can* find a way around actually writing the scene. I don't know. I'm such a crappy writer. I'm bereft of ideas right now, but I want to write more.
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I just had the most brilliant idea for a twist on the classic blanket fic, featuring Ed and Roy. I'm not at all sure I'm up to writing it. Trouble is, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I have an awful phobia of rabbits, and the damned thing is menacing me from the corner with its huge, gnashing teeth. I fear I have no choice but to make the attempt.

God damned plot bunnies!

(There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a woman in the depths of a yaoi binge, and I knew I'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon.)
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i am peculiarly bereft of ideas, and got nothing at all written while i was out of town. naturally i picked up some sort of virus on the plane and i've been feeling too crappy and brain-dead to write this week. nevertheless, i do want to thank everyone who sent feedback -- it's much appreciated. [ profile] cyan_blue, "girl's blouse" isn't a term that's used in the books, but it's regionally appropriate. it doesn't quite fit for me either, though; i think perhaps i'll just have her call him a prat instead or something.

man, i'm so sleepy. time to go nap some more.
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i've been off on a frenzy of non-fanfic writing lately. 11,500 words last week, and only 1500 of them were on my draco/hermione story.

i never did update on what was happening with that, either. after i saw "CoS" for the second time, i had a great idea for a scene to take place well after the beginning of the story, and spewed it out in an obsessive frenzy. (well, actually i had part of the idea the first time i saw it, but had forgotten by the time i left the theater.)

i came up with an opening sequence i liked to carry me into the scene in question, but once i'd written it i found myself very dissatisfied. on rewrite, draco slipped wildly OOC and i had to toss it all and start again. and now the intro scene doesn't work at all with the scene i was trying to intro, so i'll have to move things around some more. the story is in a shambles, and i think it would be best if i clean up what i've got now, slap it into some semblance of order, mark the missing chunks, and send it off to someone to beta and tell me if i've been smoking that cheap brown Mexican shit again.

also, after doing a fairly intensive read/review of both [ profile] isiscolo's stories, i'm feeling horribly inadequate. i'm sure i'll never be able to make events flow so smoothly in my writing. i need a lot of work in that area, and in the area of setting.

at least i'm a better editor than i am a writer. now if only there were a cafe near where my therapy group meets that was open past 6pm -- the one run by a rather interesting French dyke closes then, and there's not another place to sit and have a coffee in the evening for blocks and blocks. so sad.


Jan. 20th, 2003 03:30 pm
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so i wrote ~2500 words last night in a marathon session interrupted only by some intermittent chatting with [ profile] isiscolo, who provided invaluable suggestions regarding spell naming, and ordering/eating cheap and fairly bad chinese food so i wouldn't pass out while i was writing. i ground to a halt near 2:30 a.m. when i realized i was too tired to think of what to do next, and spent the next two hours desperately trying to get to sleep while i argued with myself over the direction the story had taken.

i think i'll be rewriting about 1000 words of it; i think draco slipped out of character while demonstrating a wizard's duel for his DADA class with hermione, and continued to slide from there. i also think it was a mistake to have him lose the duel in front of his own class.

the idea was for hermione to find out in a dramatic way that he is still petrified of his father, even though lucius has been dead for years. in the course of the duel, draco throws a curse specifically intended to humiliate hermione, and she responds, angrily, by summoning a boggart, which immediately takes lucius' form. the way i wrote it initially, draco completely lost it and hermione had to banish the boggart herself, but in retrospect i think that the only thing stronger than draco's fear of his father is his pride -- and he'd never let that fear show in front of his class.

so instead, i think he'll tough it out, and hermione will discover only later just how shaken he is.

i'm still working out how i'm going to segue from that into her demonstrating the workings of a Zippo for him, but i'm sure i'll work it out somehow.

and ever since last night, i've been wondering what the chances are that i could get a Zippo with a Slytherin crest on it...


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