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I was just watching episode 6 of Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid, and guess who I spotted riding by on a bicycle?

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After reading [ profile] syndedochic's post on the recent unpleasantness, I decided to dump what I wrote and just link to her entry instead. Because she said it way, way better than I could.

In the end, walking away from LJ over this only makes it easier for the anal-retentive asshats who are trying to cause trouble. It makes less work for the LJ staff you're so pissed off at. And let me tell you, no one from Sixapart is going to be sitting home sobbing disconsolately because a bunch of potentially problematic users are leaving. By abandoning ship, you're essentially doing a favor for everyone except the fandom.

If you have reason to be concerned that LJ may suspend your journal over content someone deems questionable, the simplest and most obvious solution -- and one that doesn't leave friendslist in the lurch -- is to post the content elsewhere and link to it from your LJ. That at least protects LJ from liability.

Protecting yourself from liability is another matter; keep in mind that the people who are putting pressure on LJ now may come after you next, and don't think for a second they can't find you. Be careful. How important is this to you, really? If it's worth the risk of being charged with a federal crime, surely it's worth giving your time or money to organizations like the EFF and the ACLU, ne?

Comments disabled because I so don't feel like debating this subject.
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Would someone please explain to me why everybody is so obsessed with PoT? Because I watched a couple of episodes and I'm just totally not getting it.
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Look away from the train wreck:
Roy sat at the captain’s bridge, watching the Bebop a few miles ahead of him. He sighed, his mind filled with thoughts of curly greenish black hair, chiseled features, and spikes. Spike. Spike. Spicky Spooky Spike-diddly-ike-dyke-dyke. He wished Maes was there to talk to him, that he never set eyes on Spike, that he never took on this stupid mission, that Spike was underneath him thrusting- -- Fullmetal Bebop

The story at also least hints at Ed/Jet, Armstrong/Faye, and Kimblee/Vicious. And then they land on Jupiter! Tragically, I had to stop reading when my housemates pounded on the door and demanded I keep the howling down, since I was otherwise unable to control my wails of mingled agony and mirth.

It was a mercy, really. Chapter 4 promises lemons.
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Absolutely Pants:
I’m so bored right now, and I want to go bug someone but if I do, I’m usually sat on fire and I want to go one day without being sat on fire!!!!! Damn, I wish I could go out with being fire proofed. For example, last year in Mr. Hyle’s class my pants disappeared and when I tried to set fire on my invisible pants I was sent to the councilors office to witness a play about self injury. -- Once Upon A Summer

I shamelessly stole this one from [ profile] babb_chronicles, because it was just too good to pass up.
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I just don't know what to say about this one.
All of a sudden, Ginji stopped dead in his tracks.

“B-Ban-chan! SHIDO! I CAN’T MOVE!” he half-whispered, half-yelled.

“Ginji… don’t try to struggle.” Ban moved toward Ginji and as soon and he was within two metres of the other Get Backer, his foot stuck fast and could only move very slightly.

“It’s a very, very powerful magnet, Ginji. It’s holding us down by the iron in our blood.”
-- Itsumo
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And I quote:
"The circumcises that led to Watari death has always been that of a mystery, so when Watari stumbles upon a secret document about his past, and discovers that Tsuzuki isn’t the only none human around…What happens when Muraki finds out and takes interest?" -- On Golden Wings, by AuraBlackWolf

Um. Wow. And you thought Hisoka's death was painful...

Will someone please tell me why it's so hard to find Yami no Matsuei fics for which even the summary isn't egregiously illiterate?
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Harry's Traitorous Bulge

okay, i admit it. the slash bug finally bit me, after i read what was billed as a Snape/Hermione story but had a startlingly well-written Harry/Draco subplot. the above-linked story, BTW, isn't especially good, but you have to admit, "Harry's Traitorous Bulge" really would be a kickass band name.
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Hermione/Bill Weasley/Rolodex porn.

we are not making this up.
[...]I need someone experienced in the Muggle world. Specifically someone used to dealing in office supplies."

Hermione had no idea how she managed to suppress the shiver threatening to wrack her body at that statement. Instead, she looked up coolly, raising one eyebrow to Bill.

"What kind of office supplies?" she asked, hoping that her voice didn't tremble. There were few things in this world that beat such a thundering path to her heart, and... other places.

"Paper clips," he said, stepping forward, his eyes narrowing just slightly, "envelopes, manila folders," he was standing directly over her desk now and his tongue darted out to trace a wet, slick trail around his lips, "color coded binders."

you need to register with a legit email address in order to read the story, which is decidedly NC-17, but so far this site has never spammed me.

also, i never said it was good porn.
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I present to you: Al Franken/Bill O'Reilly, posted from my other lj account. I mean, is that line a fanfic challenge waiting to happen, or what?

Look at Al Franken, one day he's going to get a knock on his door and life as he's known it will change forever. )
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i thought i was kidding when i joked about Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn fanfic.
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Keywords: Closet Professor Lector (Potions) escape Dandruff Shampoo Slytherins

found art

Jul. 14th, 2004 12:01 am
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from a story summary on fictonalleypark:

"Severus Snape suffers the remnants of the Cruciatus, and uses it to his advantage as emesis, the crime-fighting shadow."

oh, my.

Jan. 28th, 2003 12:16 am
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so tonight in my relationship group, we had a new person and the topic of fanfic arose. turns out the new person writes Trek fanfic. but wait! there's more! another member's sister writes JAG slash.

i really, really, really don't want to think about Harm and Admiral Chegwidden. some things, man was not meant to see. nor woman neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so.


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